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Realized Reaper had some pretty decent pre-installed synth plugins, so I tested one out with some kind of improv jam! ヽ(´・ω・`)、


Museum of Civilizations | GM architects | Via

As a proposal for a reflective experience deeply rooted in its city’s history, lebanese studio GM architects has envisioned ‘museum of civilizations’, sunk into the landscape of beirut’s martyrs’ square. The proposal excavates through various strata of earth, which contain traces from greek, roman, byzantine, ottoman, and french societies. The large hole is then infilled with two structures – a massive gridded scaffold and tall white tower – which are connected by a singular circulation path. a succession of voids break through the tressle-like block, and are occupied by platforms for exhibition use as well as general observation. Below, a walkway passes over the site’s watery bottom to access a staircase wrapped by the high white wall.

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Shadow the Hedgehog (video game)

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The Protagonist of P5

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Clinton has mad taste in tunes.

Was planning on actually doing something productive today, but instead I just ended up binge-watching Hitsugi no Chaika from start to finish

man, I’m so glad to be back at college so I can watch anime again study

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