【ドットの日2011】 日常 1ーQ [1]


So I’m going to be doing a week of Smash Bros. themed Illustrations. Lucina and Kirby are the first of the week. Enjoy! 


Bahamut descends upon North Mountain - Final Fantasy V - Square; Super Famicom, 1992.


I downloaded the SSB4 roster maker and came up with this, which is a pretty decent balance of who I’d like to see vs. who actually has a chance of making it in. (probably shoulda went for Marshal or the Duck Hunt Dog instead of Jeff, but screw it, EarthBound deserves something nice for once)

any of my followers wanna try this and get some kind of SSB4 roster pool going just for fun to see who gets the closest??

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I just cannot handle all the Smash leaks today. they seem somewhat plausible, but I just know deep in my heart they’re all garbage and liessss

also a bit salty that Takamaru was revealed as only an assist trophy, I honestly thought he had a chance to be playable. in light of this and all the other new “leaks”, I’m going to revise my newcomer predictions a tiny bit:

October 3rd, please come sooner. or at least September 13th so Japan can spoil everything for ussss

EDIT: Turns out Saki was confirmed to be returning as an assist trophy and nobody ever bothered to tell me. BOY IS THERE EGG ON MY FACE NOW

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feel so moon

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Jazz Legends Part 2 by Garth Glazier

Check out Part 1

Artist: Tumblr / Behance


AAでルミナスしていただきました | -_- [pixiv]

Artist: Slowdive
Track: When the Sun Hits
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Slowdive - When The Sun Hits


Pic of the Day for July 28th!  We KNEW there would be something to expect soon, now that Nazo no Murasame-jō is coming stateside!


Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

(SF/JP/ May 16, 1996)